About Us

In 1995 Complete Automated Manufacturing opened in Van Nuys, California as a GibbsCAM Reseller, and since that time has re-located to Simi Valley, California. Year after year, C.A.M. has been pleased to have been awarded one of the” top producers” worldwide for sales. C.A.M. offers full service, support and training for it’s customers throughout Southern California. All of these services are now offered in BOTH English and Spanish.

One of the latest additions to the C.A.M.’s list of services is Web based demonstrations and technical support. With the capability to access information across the internet, C.A.M. is now able to support a wider range of needs in a shorter amount of time. New GibbsCAM modules can be demonstrated live via the internet and tech support questions can be answered using this service, free of charge to the C.A.M. customer.

In 2010, Enrique Curiel joined Complete Automated Manufacturing as a Sales/Application Engineer. Enrique brought with him 14+ years of manufacturing experience and has been a GibbsCAM user for 16+ years. Along with his many years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Enrique also brings with him a sense of enthusiasm in assisting C.A.M.’s existing customers and looks forward to meeting new ones. He is always available to demonstrate the many components that GibbsCAM has to offer as well as what’s in store for the future of the product and its ease of use.